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A Dreamy Love Story Of Simran & Ashish Where Love Followed The Path Of Friendship

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

Story Of Simran & Ashish , #SIMRISH

It is a story of where the true friendship become the reason for a true love that was unbelievable. All the couples decide to get married considering the fact that they’re high in love & made for each other. But the story was quite different, they were really true to each other that when love blossomed between them, even they were unaware of the fact.

Just as said, True friendship is that feeling where you feel for the happiness of that person, caring for him is always on your mind, when you can understand the feelings by just looking into his eyes without feeling the need to explicitly express. They experiencing every flavor of love but not ready to tag this as Love, They just realized that we instantly got that happiness as soon as we’re together due to the connection they always had for so long. They took the decision to get married, seeing happy with each other’s company and can stay the rest of their life just like this. Without falling in a dreamy romantic love story. Instead, we both were happy being comfortable & joyful in this relationship. Their story of friendship and love is inspiring. Their wedding was the best beautiful one which was arranged and managed by the bride itself. It was a destination wedding in Pushkar. They named their hashtag as “SIMISH”

Starting from haldi to marriage, it was complete fun. Instead of sitting on a chair with delicacy, they banged everyone with colors. It was like a dreamy world where everything happens according to plan or not but life gives us such surprises which give your life a great chance to embrace all the happiness and fill with a bliss.

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